FELIWAY Classic 30 Day Refill, Pack of 1


FELIWAY Classic 30 Day Refill, Pack of 1


  • Scientifically proven, over 13 published studies showing efficacy
  • Trusted - used by vets, charities and behaviourists
  • Easy to use - no daily administration required
  • Species specific - no effect on humans or other pets
  • Refill only


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Product Details

Manufacturer Ceva Animal Healthcare
Model C23850J
Color Purple
EAN 9314700270993
ProductGroup Pet Products
LegalDisclaimer Feliway Feline Facial Pheromone Diffuser Refill 48ml Feliway is an artificial version of the feline facial pheromones, used by cats for marking territory as safe and secure. When cats feel safe and comfortable in an environment, they rub their heads and faces on furniture or another prominent object, from the side of the chin to the base of the ear, leaving their pheromone (scent) marks on the object in question. The scent marks left naturally convey a message well-being and a feeling of safety. By mimicking the cat's natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a feeling of comfort, familiarity and security in the cat's environment. For this reason, Feliway is highly recommended to help provide cats with comfort and reassurance if they are in distress, or while they cope with a situation which may cause them to become distressed. Controls unwanted behaviours such as: * Inappropriate toileting (urinating, territory marking) * Scratching furniture * Stress and anxiety
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